Start your website on the road to success. The SISTRIX Toolbox supplies you with all the important SEO and SEM key-values in one place.
  • instant access to all the important SEO key-values for any domain
  • one-klick comprehensive competitor-evaluations
  • simple, quick and clear controls
  • SEO training-videos
  • Social-Media-analysis
  • break free from long contract durations - cancel your subscription at a month's notice


Check out some of the Awards the SISTRIX Toolbox has won.
  • VisibilityIndex Evaluate your success with Google and compare your visibility to the competition with the help of one key index-score.
  • Optimizer Each week, we will analyse your website(s), report any seo-errors and supply you with helpful tipps and suggestions, comprehensible for both pros and newcommers alike.
  • Keywords Get a detailed list of which keywords any domain has any rankings for and how the positions have changed over the course of time.

The SISTRIX Toolbox will hand you the key-values that enable you to decipher the secrets-of-success for any website.

Highlights & Functions

Here is a glimpse of the highlights the SISTRIX Toolbox has to offer that will win you over.
The Original - well established and future-proof - with a data-history going back to 2008

Being the most senior SEO-tools provider on the market has given the SISTRIX Toolbox the most comprehensive data-history for any domain and the greatest know-how available. This extensive experience is used to permanently improve and add features for our customers, that make the Toolbox better and bolsters our role as industry-leaders in quality.

Personalised Keywords

Aside from the millions of keywords that we monitor automatically, you are able to use the Optimizer-Module to add your own, personalised keywords for us to check. This way you are able to perfectly monitor even the most specialised niche.

Your reports, your design

Let the Toolbox do the work for you and create SEO-reports in your design with your personal logo. You choose what is shown in your reports and the intervals in which you want them to be regularly compiled. Treat your customers and superiors to significant key-values.

International reach, no extra costs

The Toolbox offers you all the data available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, Great Britain, France and Italy. Starting in the Summer of 2012, the Optimizer-Module will also be able to show the Google-Rankings for any country you choose.

No installation or software-updates necessary

You can freely use the SISTRIX Toolbox from any browser on both PC and Mac. You will have immediate access to all data for all domains, going back to 2008. You won't have to worry about time consuming installations, set-up and software-updates. Let us do all the work.

Exceptional Support

We are here for you, just give us a call, write us an e-mail or join us in our live-chat if you have any questions or encounter any problems. The SISTRIX Toolbox is easy to use and built around intutitive controlls. On top of all this, our seminars, training-videos and PDF-documentation will make you a real Toolbox-Pro.

Starting at 100 € a month (incl. VAT)

The SISTRIX Toolbox can easily fit your needs. You can freely choose from any of our five Modules: 1) SEO, 2) Links, 3) Optimizer, 4) SEM and 5) Universal Search. Are you still undecided? No problem! Try out all 5 Modules for 14 days, free of charge and with no obligations.

Prices & Billing
Modules booked 1 Module 2 Modules 3 Modules 4 Modules 5 Modules
Monthly fee 100 EUR 200 EUR 275 EUR 350 EUR 400 EUR
Monthly savings 0 EUR 0 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR
Set-up fee free free free free free
Duration & Billing Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
The SISTRIX Toolbox, well known from
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